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LiquidTalent is revolutionizing how companies hire top talent through true engagement.

Leilani Lucero

I've been waiting for a platform like LiquidTalent for a long time. Glad it's finally arrived.

Miles Randle

Your product is working. I've hired two contractors for my mobile app since signing up, and LiquidTalent is currently the only platform I'm using to source my talent needs.

Mark Mangan

LiquidTalent made it extremely fast and simple to source a high quality graphic designer for our project. The contractor delivered top notch work, and was extremely responsive and easy to collaborate with. We'll certainly use LiquidTalent again in the future for our contracting needs.

Colleen Poynton
Core VC

We've been trying to find graphic designers and ux hires to help us build Tribute 2.0 for the past was tough. I can honestly say that we've connected with more talented people in the past month on LiquidTalent than the last year on other job boards. The results will speak for themselves.

Andrew Horn

I just logged in and posted and would like to say that so far I'm having an awesome UX and can literally feel the thoughtfulness behind it.

Hayley Darden
The Future Project

I've never met a team that 'gets it' quite like LiquidTalent. I truly believe they see the future of the technical talent marketplace and have taken it upon themseleves to deliver that future creatively and responsibly. LiquidTalent is a vital part of our community here in New York.

Chad Sanders
Dev Bootcamp

You’re helping people find experienced, creative and technical local talent that can meet an immediate need and not be sitting halfway across the world.

Arthur Woods

Hiring Partners

We work with dynamic organizations that are building tomorrow.

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